Gaia - Eco Bullet Aqua

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6.5cm - 2.6inch


1.8cm - 0.7inch


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  • Eco conscious biodegradable and recyclable vibrator.
  • 1 Powerful speed and a simple push button controller .
  • Waterproof.
  • Requires 1 AAA battery not included.
?? The Material
The BioFeelmaterial is a bioplasticwhich is a polymer compound mixed with cornstarch. BioFeel also uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emission than any other sex toy material on the market. This material is the perfect choice for a vibratorsince it is nonporous, making it bodysafeand easy to clean. It looks and plays like any hard-plastic toy. Gaia is smooth to the touch and transfers vibrationbeautifully.

?? How to Recycle
When ready to dispose of a Gaia toy, take it to your local recycling center. Gaias bioplastic will biodegrade within 47-90 days in a commercial composting facility.

?? We Care
Caring for the earthis a priority for many people, as is personal health and wellness. For the eco-conscious consumer, these toys are a dream and this is the impetus for Blushto create a simple, affordable sex toy that truly reflects these values.The#Gaialine takes away the guilt of ecologicaldamage caused to the#environmentthrough your pursuit of pleasure.
Manufacturer: Blush
Category: Mini vibrators
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